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Here is the documentation for the developers. You can integrate AssurBox in your information system, using our api.

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Build Your Own Custom Experiences

We provide an Api, so partners and insurances can integrate AssurBox in their system.

To build the api, we followed the Microsoft guidelines 

The Open Api documentation can be found here :

Demos are provided here :

If you work with .NET, a NuGet package of the SDK is available (Install-Package AssurBox.SDK )

Key Concepts

AssurBox is an HUB, a central piece of software enabling communication between tiers

1. Introduction

The AssurBox Api can be consumed by two types of users : insurances and partners.

Partners can be dealers, brokers, anyone that can send requests to an insurer.

Insurers (insurances headquarters, not agencies) are the central information systems of insurers. They can receive requests from partners and respond.

2. Accounts

Account creation is done by the AssurBox team.
Organizations and developers can request an account here :

Every account is linked to an organization.

Each organization has:
– One « Primary Owner » : this is the account that manages the organization information and that can create new accounts and api keys.
– Users (as many as they want)
– Api keys (as many as they want)

3. Get Started

To get started with the AssurBox Api, you need an account.

Accounts can be created on the demo server on demand : or

Once the account is created, developers can create as many api key as they want. (watch how to generate api keys)


4. Messaging

For request/responses, AssurBox works as a messaging system.

The system is asynchronous, the response of a POST/PUT/Delete request will be an ack, the actual response will be available afterwards.

For all type of users :
The CorrelationID is the identifier for the processing of a request.
The request initialization will return a CorrelationID, this identifier can be used to retrieve the request details, to edit the request or to cancel the request.

For insurances users :
The MessageId is the identifier for a specific message (initialization, update, cancel) -> the response is linked to a message.

5. Authorization

AssurBox Api uses an OAuth 2.0 authentication with the client credentials grant (application flow)


Here is some documentation that describes how to use it (The url in this document is not the same for AssurBox) :

Web Hooks

Insurances are notified for a green card request via a Webhook
Partners can be notified for a response via a Webhook as well

1. Introduction

Insurances can set web hooks, so they are notified in real time when a partner makes a request

Partners can set webhooks as well, to be notified in real time when an insurer sends a response.

2. Get Started

Demo code for a webhook in C#

Configuration of the webhook in AssurBox :


Api Libraries

Several samples to help you integrate AssurBox

1. Demos

In order to facilitate the integration of AssurBox in your system, we provide several examples in different languages.

You can download the code from the Github repository and open it with your favorite IDE

2. Conventions and Limitations

All dates are UTC dates

AssurBox service does not support cross origin headers for security reasons, therefore it is not possible to use Swagger UI and make API calls directly from browser.

Scenarios documentation

Here is the documentation for different usages

1. For insurances

Documentation for an insurance company

Green card requests

2. For partners

Documentation for partners


Documentation articles

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Documentation : utilisation de l’application web

La documentation de l'application web est téléchargeable ici : AssurBox_Documentation_utilisateur_Web_V0.1.1 Lorsqu'une société est inscrite, suite à une demande (demander un compte), un email est envoyé à l'administrateur. Avec cet email, il peut alors définir son...

Using the Sandbox

We provide a sandbox environment, so you can test the platform. This environment has a few specific options : You  can "play" with it : No information...

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