Developers – Partners – Green card request scenarios

Scenario  : Green card request

User type : partner (car dealer, leaser, broker, …)

Organizations list

It’s possible to get the list of organizations using AssurBox.
You can retrieve the list insurances providing green cards by calling the endpoint


Each organization can have several agencies

Call the endpoint, using the VAT of the insurance organization as parameter

List green card requests

List all green card requests your account has already made.

Api documentation is here :

First, you need to be authenticated (have a bearer token)

Then, request the endpoint with the bearer token in the headers. the response will be a list of requests.

Each item has a correlationid,that identify the green card’s file.

This collelationid has to be used as a parameter to get the detail of the request.

Create a green card request

Creating a green car request is done using a POST request on an endpoint

Creating a green card requests requires some critical information :

Customer information : for whom the request is made

Car details information : for what car

Insurance information : to whom the request is made (you can use the organization list endpoint to retrieve the list of insurances.

Insurance details : does it replace a current insurance ? if so what was the previous car’s licence plate ?

Request specific details :  Licence plate, VIN number, effective date of the insurance, …

Usually, most of these information are already in the partner system, integrating with AssurBox avoids your users to duplicate content between systems.

This request is asynchronous, the response will be an Ack, with the correlationID.

Edit a green card request

Sometimes customer change their minds, sometimes the operator gets the licence plate wrong.

A green card request can be edited for only two fields : the licence plate and the VIN number

If more fields have to be edited, you need to cancel the first request and create a new one.

To edit a request, you need to send a PUT request on the endpoint

The correlationid of the edited request must be provided.

Cancel a green card request

Sometimes customer change their minds, sometimes the operator gets the request information wrong.

It’s possible to cancel a request to an insurance using a DELETE request on the endpoint

The CorrelationID of the request must be provided. A communication can be provided as a courtesy to the insurer.

Download a file

If a request has been answered by an insurance organization, files should be available.

Files are base64 encoded, so it’s required to decode them.

Here is a C# example with the AssurBox SDK