Developers – Insurances – Green card request scenario

Scenario  : Green card request

User type : Insurance (Back offices)

Insurances have two ways of receiving green card requests.


This is the recommended way, it enables fast responses and avoid the pooling.

Having a special endpoint following the AssurBox conventions, AssurBox post requests on this endpoint and insurances can react very fast.


Using the get list endpoint (this should be a fallback solution)
The pooling is usage restricted

List green card requests

List all green card requests that were made by partners, for you.

Api documentation is here :

First, you need to be authenticated (have a bearer token)

Then, request the endpoint with the bearer token in the headers. the response will be a list of requests that were made for you

Each item has a correlationid,that identify the green card’s file. This correlationID has to be used when sending a response




Create a green card response

Using the correlationid, use a POST request to send a response